I guess if you’re going to put a guided meditation out into the world to help people see beyond any stagnation in their lives, to support them in reframing any struggle, the Universe is going to want to make sure you know what you’re talking about! (You know me by now, I love matters pertaining to spiritual growth and creativity,  but sheesh, it can be bloody relentless and when there’s an entrepreneurial life and two darling rascals in the mix, it is fierce and it is persistent.)

So as you’ll have guessed, I have been experiencing some stagnation and some struggle.

Recently, I felt called to discover my animal totem (if you’re not already familiar with connecting with animal energies, our animal totems or spirit animals act as teachers and mentors to enable us to step more fully into our power and who we are at our very core). It came as no surprise that the elephant is my spirit animal guide. I’ve always felt this deep sense of connection with elephants. They open my heart up and make me weep.

That weekend after this was confirmed to me, I sat facing the vast ocean and read about the elephant as a spirit animal. As I was reading, I came across mention of Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu deity. I knew Ganesh as the remover of obstacles but in light of what I’d uncovered, I was taking it in from a different perspective and absorbing every word.

Having read enough, I got up from the sand and walked barefoot back to the car. I turned the key in the ignition and reversed pensively out from the parking space. Parked right next to me was a camper van and it was only when I looked to my right as I always do to catch sight of the water did I see the startling image on the back of the van – a very resplendent jaw-dropping Ganesh.

It wasn’t long before it dawned on me that Ganesh had come to me as a reminder that the real obstacles are within.

Obstacles are never out there. The real obstacles are within.

We think we need to fix the outside before we can feel better on the inside, but as with so much of our thinking we have it backwards. We need to make it so we feel better on the inside, we need to clear up the stories we tell ourselves, the patterns we fall into again and again – those are the obstacles! – and voilà the shifts on the outside will occur in due course.

Those outer ‘obstacles’ we have in our lives are there to point us to our inner obstacles. It’s all divinely orchestrated to call us forth and grow. It’s not that we’re being tested (although it damn well feels like that at times!), it’s more an invitation to rise and ask what within us is holding us back.

This is one of those cardinal rules of life that we’ve forgotten about along the way. Forget calculus, forget who won what battle in 1403*, and teach this to children. This is the stuff that prepares them for the real world.

As for Ganesh, well, let me just say that ‘remover of obstacles’ has taken on a whole new meaning. I’d always taken issue with asking to have something removed, to have it gone, to have someone go away. Remover of obstacles? Didn’t sit right with me. Challenges are there for good reason.

But what if we ask for help around dissolving those inner blocks so that the challenges are no longer challenges? What if we decide we want to see things differently so we can begin to bring more ease into our lives? What if we want to bust through our mindset – the real obstacle in all this?

Yes please, Ganesh.

And if this feels right for where you are now, take these words and whisper them in your heart (or shout them out loud) as you need:

Allow me to see the real obstacles in my life. And please bring what’s most needed so I can finally watch them crumble and live my fullest life.


*Unless of course they’re curious and interested, in which case calculus and historic dates will serve them too!