What if instead of assigning blame and pointing fingers, we looked first to ourselves? What if instead of taking issue, falling into the victim trap and judging the situation, we questioned our own role?

What if we saw things differently?

When someone keeps pestering you for something, could it be that you’re being called to assert yourself? Do you need to get clear within yourself why you can’t do what they’re asking you to do and put an end to the cycle of guilt and obligation once and for all? Do you need to lovingly but clearly say no?

When you feel someone has crossed a line and spoken to you harshly, did you somehow invite that in, albeit energetically? Forget what they said and come back to you. Were you playing small? Do you dim your light around them because it’s safer, easier, comfortable that way? Because you think they have it all sussed? Could it be you’re being nudged to pull your power back?

When someone lets you down, were you being reminded that your own needs come first? Was it a lesson in how you must take care of yourself ahead of anyone else?

Whether we like it or not, we’re here to evolve. Instead of believing that situations happen to us, immerse yourself in the alternative perspective: that stuff happens FOR us. That the Universe brings precisely what we need to help us grow.

Yes, sometimes we need to have difficult conversations to clear things up, but the most liberating thing I’ve learnt is that I can adjust something in me to move past a problem I’m having with someone else. Once I’ve done the necessary adjustments within, hey presto I’m no longer being triggered.

The answers to unlocking issues on the outside always lie within, and as far as I can tell it’s usually a call to action. In that sense, taking responsibility can be so empowering – it’s up to us to change the theatrics of life before us.

Come back to you.