We’re almost at the solstice: the Winter Solstice for us in the Southern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

Come the 21st of June, as I wake up to the shortest day and longest night of the year, my thoughts will turn to ritual and reflection. I’ll head to the ocean, watch the sun rise with my loves and celebrate this beautiful and profound time of the year. It’s a time for tuning in, for being present to how connected we are to Mother Nature and all the cycles within her, how connected we are with those around us, and how connected we are to the vastness and magic within our being.

It’s a chance to be still at this halfway point, to observe and listen. To climb to the very top of it all and look back at how far we’ve come, soak it all in and hold the space for what stretches before us.

What have you been carrying and holding onto over the past six months that you don’t want to carry forward into the second half of the year? What baggage (physical, mental, emotional) can you leave behind? What stories and patterns are you ready to let go of?

What will you burn?

And what are you ready to usher in? What can you do to feel able to receive? How can you get out of your own way so you can welcome what comes your way?

What will you beckon? 

Decluttering, healing (and reframing) old wounds, acknowledging your shadows, understanding your fears, cultivating sacred rituals, being present to guidance, making time for your intuitive wise self can serve to expand, deepen and intensify your dance with Life. They will invite you in, on and off, sometimes over and over, as you make the choice to remember who you are.

So if you too are drawn to marking the solstice, here are some suggestions.

  • Watch the sun rise.
  • Immerse yourself in nature – a place where everything rights itself, a place that has you taking deep, swirling breaths. Honour this seasonal rhythm.
  • Immerse yourself in quiet and slow right down so you can hear those whispers.
  • Find the blessings in your life, together with your family. Celebrate what the past six months have brought and shown you.
  • Light some candles – beeswax are the best (bees are the best!). They’re a natural ioniser, they fill your home with a glorious honey scent and they have a much longer and far superior burn than anything else.
  • Burn baby, burn! Make a list, write a letter, journal your heart out, unearth it all and burn it. If burning isn’t your thing, consider smashing.
  • Use one of my Abalone Sets to create a solstice ritual with intention (I’ve got a Solstice Sale on right now plus I’m including twice as much white sage!).

The process of letting go and opening to receive has become so tightly woven into the fabric of my life that it’s part of the work I am here to do. That’s how my Abalone Sets came to be. They bring together ritual, intention and powerful symbolism to support you in releasing the old and embracing the new.

If you are eager to burn and beckon come the solstice, if you desire more intention and connection throughout your daily life, if the idea of a beautiful tool connected to an ancient tradition calls something inside you, one that brings together the four elements – earth, air, fire and water – then head over here and here to read some lovely words written by some lovely people about my Abalone Sets.

In the meantime, enjoy the solstice. This is such a remarkable time of the year, unmarred by the hysteria and high energy that accompanies other big occasions (and which can be very depleting for us sensitives). Instead, it calls for muted celebration, tranquility, contemplation, and above all simplicity.

Ahhh, sweet bliss.

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