I propose that all self-improvement and self-help be relabelled as Remembering. There’s far more beauty, poetry, simplicity, not to mention accuracy, in that.

Do you remember who you were before they told you how it should be? Do you remember who you were before all the pain, all that doubt, all the clutter?

Before you listened to the outside and swept aside your insides? Do you remember who you were before you started carrying that weight?

When we are drawn to great books and teachers that change our lives forever, we’re not adopting a new way of thinking; we’re remembering who we are.

When we free ourselves from worry, guilt, childhood wounds, toxic patterns, cultural expectations, judgement and other people’s perceptions, we’re not changing into somebody new; we’re stripping off and remembering who we are.

When we hear words, see visions that resonate down to our very cells, it isn’t because they sound like a good idea; we’re remembering who we are. Pay attention to the people, words, pictures, places, music that resonate. Resonance is remembering and remembering is freedom.

When we say no – however difficult and however it may look – we remember who we are.

Some of us ache more than others to remember and will do whatever it takes to have that connection once again. We’re not forgetting our place, we’re not trying to be different, we’re not following another’s path; we’re just remembering who we are.

Sometimes we choose not to remember.

Sometimes it’s too hard, too terrifying to remember.

Sometimes those around us would prefer we didn’t remember.

But if there’s one thing we must do as human beings it’s this: remember who we really are.

Underneath it all. Your very core. Remember who you are.

All else will fall into place…