So I’m on a plane heading home to Australia after having been away for a few weeks in the UK and elsewhere. It’s been an intense couple of months. Leaving behind my family, flying 26 hours with the flu and a chest infection, plus lots of intensity and heightened emotions while I was away meant that this felt like a crazy time. I knew I only had one job: ALLOW.

Align with the higher part of me and just allow. Allow. Allow. Allow. And along the way I’d been asking for guidance on a few matters.

So back to the plane. I can’t sleep, and we’re still a couple of hours away from the first meal trolley (I get so hungry when I fly!), so I decide to pick a film. Aloha grabbed me first (Was it any good? Who cares when it’s Bradley Cooper in a rom com?! But yes, a delightful little number). Some food, some stretching, then let’s see, what else is there to watch? I spot a couple of surf boards where the description says something about the relationship between a mother and her son and the healing of old wounds. Yep! So Ride (Helen Hunt) was the next one I watched.

I try and sleep and I manage about 25 minutes before I decided to stop fighting against the darling cries of two babies two rows in front of me. I think: what the hell? They can cry and I can stick my headphones on and watch another film. Except I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t sci-fi (I don’t do sci-fi) or violent or plain silly. I hovered over Focus – this Will Smith movie that I had resisted to begin with (high-class con artistry just wasn’t drawing me in) – but I had already walked up and down the plane and rolled my eyes enough times at the screen that said we were still 10 hours away. And really, I can think of worse things to do than watch that Will Smith charm for two hours.

Then as I sat pondering the films I had just watched, something clicked. Aloha. Ride. Focus. Was I meant to pay attention here? I sat with these words for a little while longer until I grew fidgety once again and needed to while away another couple of hours. I wondered what the last film would be, and if the title would expand on the message.

But by now, I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel. There really was nothing that appealed to me. Would I really resort to the Sound of Music? I was judging everything on face value hoping something would suddenly pop out. Nothing did.

Until I started to read about the true story of a professional dancer (Antonio Banderas) who believes he can create change in an inner city school through ballroom dancing. Bingo! I was in.

And the name? Take the Lead. My eyes couldn’t take any more after that, so I stopped there.

There was something significant in those film titles. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that Aloha was followed by three verbs in the imperative mood (in other words, they’re all verbs expressing a command or request). The thing is I wasn’t entirely sure what the guidance was.

I left them to percolate, conscious not to make them mean something. In the couple of weeks that I’ve been back, they’ve all come to life, and I’ve had actual ‘ping!’ moments where I truly got it.

The reason I’m sharing this is I don’t believe this message was just for me. I believe so many need to hear this. So if this feels right for where you are, listen up!

Aloha :::

Aloha is so much more than a greeting. Aloha stands for love, heartfelt compassion and deep sincerity. In this case, I can hear ‘Hey beautiful soul’ said from the highest, most loving place. It’s trying to get our attention. It’s hello in its simplest form, but it’s a hello from the most open-hearted, infinitely powerful, peaceful realm. Aloha.

Ride :::

Ride the ever-changing waves of your glorious life. Enjoy the good, and learn from the not-so-good. Join the dance of Life and tune into its rhythm – the rhythm within you. Go with that rhythm, allow yourself to get swept by whatever groove Life is asking you to follow. Notice the tempo changes; feel into the energy.

Trust in the flow of life. Trust in Life, and ride along with it. Know that you can’t always understand why. Know that there are mysteries you will never fully comprehend, but know that Life wants to see you expand. It wants to see you grow and bloom and the best thing you can do is collaborate. Collaborate with Life and surrender to what is being asked of you. Ride each wave, ride all the drama and do your best to relax into it, knowing you are carried, knowing you are held.

Focus :::

The thing is you’re not the only one out there in the Ocean of Life, riding your wave. There are others right there with you, riding theirs. Transcend our cultural definitions of success, and ‘getting ahead’. Think of us all as spiritual beings in this human form, each of us on our own path. Notice the pressure you might succumb to occasionally, notice the comparisons, the competition. Observe it all as you feel compassion for all that you are. Once you’ve observed those tendencies, set the intention to focus on you and what really makes you come alive. Do it over and over again. Just focus on your soul’s journey. Be inspired, learn from others, then stand fully in your power trusting that your life will continue to unfold like no other. When your focus is elsewhere and you feel anything less than magnificent, that’s your cue to tune out and tune into you. We like others journeying alongside us, enriching our lives with joy, sparkle, growth and endless love, and when you keep the focus always on the truth of your own life, you become very powerful indeed in

Take the Lead :::

Let that intuitive wise part of you take the lead. Know that there is the smaller part of you, the wounded, conditioned part that reacts and judges and complains. Say hello and welcome it in but don’t let it have control. If this is a new practice for you, start by going somewhere where you feel calm and centred. Do this often and ask that your intuitive higher self – the part that holds all of Life’s infinite wisdom and really knows what is best for you – to come forward and allow you to hear it.

Aloha. Ride. Focus. Take the Lead. Oh and one more thing: go easy on yourself. All of this takes time and patience and lots of compassion. I can’t stress this enough. Prepare to trip up frequently (as I still do!) and then when you’re ready stand tall once again and open wide. Life is here.

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