You’re stuck


You feel heavy. So heavy

Something is dragging you down

So intense

Crushing against you

Thoughts race through your mind. Is anyone else feeling this?

Is anyone else on this roller coaster?

You question how you got here. What are you doing, or not doing?! How, why, what on earth…

You’re screaming inside. Why am I here?!! Again?!

Anger bubbles up. You’re fighting against the pressure. You want OUT.

Hellishly frustrated. That anger turns to rage. You want to GET OUT. Pushing, squirming, resisting, trying trying trying to wriggle free.

But you start to sink further. Panic sets in.

You’re so tired of all these emotions. WHY??!!

Are your dreams, your visions, the life you want slipping away? Will it always be this way?!

Then a miracle happens. In a split second you’re watching all this unravel on a screen. You hear the words resistance, fighting from an other-worldly plane. Images start flashing. A floating rag doll in the ocean. Waist-high in a pool of quicksand, struggling madly, sinking faster. Then, you stop. You stop, lean back against the mucky, gritty clay pit, close your eyes and wait for help to eventually come. You’re not sinking anymore. You’re just stuck.

Most of us thankfully have never been stuck waist-high in quicksand, but chances are you’ll get stuck in life from time to time. It doesn’t matter how or why. Spending your time and energy dissecting these finer points is exhausting, and it spells more resistance.

If you’re questioning it, you’re not being with it.

Who knows why we get stuck. Some of the magic in life lies in all the mystery. Our little heads can’t know everything. They want to understand, pick apart all the possible reasons, analyse, book follow-up discussions… yes, but we can choose not to be a slave to that constant grasping. Who knows. It’s a beautiful mystery.

Meanwhile, just wait it out. Without struggle, without the huffing and puffing, without wishing it away. It’s hard, I know. I get caught myself (which is why I’m writing this. We teach what we need to learn, wink wink).

Get quiet and when you do, you’ll know deep down there’s clarity and lightness not too far away. This fog will lift. Things will shift, and something somewhere will be lighter, more open, more expansive, more something as a result of you getting stuck in that mess.

Life’s quicksand isn’t asking you to struggle free; it’s begging you to surrender free.

Stop fighting and stop questioning. Lean into it and as you do, reach out to that wise voice inside you. It has something to say. Help is on the way.