It seems I’ve recorded another video on a full moon. This time I’m talking self-sabotage. And yes it’s a very real thing, but not very obvious.

I’m talking about my experiences when, for instance, a higher state of wellbeing that I might be enjoying clashes with old beliefs (such as ‘I can’t possibly have it this good’). I would give those beliefs enough power to sabotage that state of wellbeing, and so I’d end up right where I started.

Do you know how you sabotage yourself? Do you know why you do it, and what it can look like?

I’ve been sabotaging myself for most of my adult life… Until I decided that I’d had enough of mediocre living and believed that tiny weeny speck of truth inside me that whispered ‘there’s more to Life than this, you know’.

So I started following the sparkly trail of Life, one that led me one day to discover all about what happens when we start to make major changes in our life. I learned what can happen when we go beyond our comfort zones, when we let go of old habits and beliefs, when we begin to follow the path of joy and choose to rise to our greatness.

We do something quite sneaky and if we’re not aware, we get caught in a never-ending cycle. So watch the video and see if what I’m saying sounds familiar to you.

What do you do to ‘bring yourself down a peg or two’? How do you choke the good in your life?


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