The power outage we had on the Central Coast didn’t just allow me to experience a deeper serenity – you know that feeling when you go camping or spend time in the wilderness where the level of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) is practically non-existent? That wilderness feeling is what made the blackout so beautiful in the evenings – power lines, street lights, mobile phone towers, appliances, wireless technology, neighbours’ routers, all of it, OUT.

Ooooh I felt it, and whilst I like electricity and am grateful for our modern conveniences, it showed me how my body responds when it isn’t being bombarded by EMFs. So now it’s up to me to make a choice about how to make time for that kind of being. More camping perhaps, more wilderness time. Heck, it might even influence where we move house to next.

But all that was part I. Part II is about something subtler, but a lot more life-changing. That whole experience meant that Graeme, as a freelancer, lost substantial income and coupled with another set of circumstances that I don’t need to go into detail about led me to spiral pretty quickly into the land of worry and stress. I spend far less time in this place nowadays – I consciously choose to let things go. But it seems money can be a big ol’ trigger for me and it’s easier to fall into the familiar low-level patterns than to reach for and climb up to the unfamiliar but higher perspective.

That’s what unpleasant circumstances can show us if we’re brave enough to see our crap. My crap is that I still get trapped in old stories about money and fear, even with all the work I’ve done. I still fret and I still get mad.

Why do I go there rather than the higher ground of trust? Because it’s familiar. I know it well. I’ve spent decades with that kind of thinking, whereas trusting and listening to Life’s little nudges? That’s still relatively new territory for me, even if for the past few years I know this to be part of my truth.

Here’s what you do when you find yourself going over the same old stuff that has never EVER served you in the past. Notice your mind getting carried away with negative thoughts and notions. Notice that it ISN’T making you feel good – that chatter is filling your head with junk, and if that’s where your focus lies, Life will keep on giving you more of the same.

Ask yourself where you are being called to grow.

What in you is being challenged?

Now, it’s easy to say ‘focus on what makes you feel good’, but this in practice can be very hard for some people. So here’s something that helps me. When you fill your head with worry and bitterness and blame, you take up precious space. Clutter is clutter is clutter. In the same way we need to address our physical clutter to bring in the new, we also need to recognise clutter when it’s ping-ponging in our minds so that we can get rid of it.

If you fill your head with junk, there’s no room for anything else. There’s no room for you to hear Life’s subtle nudges. Those nudges don’t shout or carry on like your mind chatter does; they whisper to you, so get quiet.

Create space everywhere in your life. Create space in your thoughts. Clear the negativity in your conversations and your points of focus. Decide to let go of the way you’ve always reacted. You want to elevate your life? This is how you do it. And when you rise up, when you step up to that higher perspective, there’s so much waiting to meet you. But you have to Get. Yourself. There.

The new can’t co-exist with the old. One has to go first. So let it go. Make space for something better to come in.

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