I have some experience in fighting Life. OK, I have a LOT of experience being a fighter so far. I have resisted everything in my life. And I’ve written about this before, but I want to talk about it again.

I’ve recorded something for you down below, but I’ll tell you something else I resisted that I’ve never shared before. When I was pregnant with our first child, I wanted him to stay in as long as possible. All my friends couldn’t wait to see their babies. On the one hand I was excited about being a mother, but on the other (much larger) hand, I was scared.

Luca was 10 days ‘late’. I was huge and uncomfortable and still I was happy for him to stay in my belly. I wanted to stay pregnant. How’s that for fighting? I knew that my life was about to change on an epic scale. And I don’t mean epic as in becoming a parent (and yes that is epic on its own), but epic as far as waking up and birthing myself!

What if we fought a little less and allowed a little more? What if we held that fear and lovingly gave it the back seat, and focused more on trust leading the way?

What if we let love rule?

Reminds me of Michael Jackson’s words in The Girl is MineI’m a lover not a fighter

Listen to this audio track on fear and trust, and hear some of my other stories that might shed some light on yours.

With love

Vanessa x