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A guided meditation to allow you to move forward with your life feeling that who you are, what you do, how you show up and what you offer is enough. This is for you if you desire to release all those beliefs that keep you stuck and shrink your life force.

This is for you if you want to liberate yourself from anything that says you are anything less, so you can feel at peace and blissfully free – so that you can shape a reality that actually reflects who you are.

Start telling a different story. It’s time to let go and start anchoring into your goodness. It’s time to remember.

This meditation can help you get there. (9.29 mins)



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 Just You Wait

Just You Wait is a free guided meditation to help you in reframing any struggles so that you can begin to move past resistance and allow more flow and ease into your life. 

Reach that place of peace and serenity within.

(5.22 mins)




Kind words about Just You Wait

“I seriously move almost immediately from my head to my heart with your voice and the music.” – Cheryl

“The first time I listened to it I was left with a beautiful swelling in my heart and a tear in my eye, and the second time was even better!” – Tracie

“Your meditation is an ally for the soul, Vanessa.” – Ellie

I absolutely loved it. Your voice, the words, the music… Your words really rang true. Thank you so very much for such a lovely, thoughtful meditation.” Cassy