It was a Saturday morning. I wasn’t bouncy and carefree that morning, nor was I feeling burdened. But because of a slight blow the day before, I was aware that I needed to stay open. Too often challenges cause us to shut down, and close off our hearts. I woke up the next day, breathed in new light and chose to be open and grateful.

Anyway, that morning. I was talking to a friend. She started telling me a story about a friend of hers who had a dream (as in a deep desire for something). She described the family dynamics around the dream, her trust that if something is meant to be, Life will find a way to bring it to you, how members of her family deemed this dream impossible, how she stayed open. Always open.

An opportunity presented itself. She stayed open. Impossible, they all said. There is NO money, they insisted. It can’t be done.

And one day soon after this, the money came out of nowhere.

But see, there were others who were also after this same dream, and her family were emphatic that she didn’t stand a chance amongst all the ‘competition’.

She stayed open.

And you know how this ends, don’t you?

She got it.

I was teary as my friend told this beautiful story (in so much more detail than I’m giving you here). Teary, in awe and so very happy for this woman. I was really moved, because there wasn’t any doubt in my being that these miracles happen all the time.

I believe in mystery, magic. I believe in all the miraculous stories I’ve read and heard about over the years.

And yet, as I drove home, I noticed how that story had brought something up to the surface for me. It was very subtle.

I believe in miracles, but they happen for other people. This kind of thing would never happen to me. 

Huge internal gasp. Shocked to my core that I was walking around this planet with that kind of belief.

How can that be? Why are they worthy of so much incredible good, and I’m not?

I dug deeper.

Oh look. Good things happen to me all the time. Good things come to me all the time. But the life-changing, mind-blowing kind of stuff… yeah that’s what I read about, not what I am going to experience.

Sneaky. Subtle. But super potent.

It’s a leftover thought from conditioned thinking around life is hard. Don’t expect too much. Don’t get carried away.

It’s been around for generations to keep us safe from disappointment.

But this is what I have learnt.

When you shield yourself from disappointment, you’re also shielding yourself from love.

When you shield yourself from possibility, you close yourself off to the wonders of Life.

It was time to let that story of mine go. It’s not true, it never was, and it’s not a fit for who I am today.

I would have never received the wisdom of that story if I’d closed myself off. I wouldn’t have experienced the emotion or felt the rising of that internal belief if I wasn’t open in the first place.

I got the message. Thank you.

Out with the old. In with the new.

This is my new:

I’m worthy of

and open to

Mind-blowing Miracles


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