It’s so easy to veer off into other people’s lanes. People whose voices you admire, whose style and way of doing things seems more appealing than yours, whose lives you secretly seek to emulate – people who seem to be getting ‘somewhere’. It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and of what’s calling you. I’d say it can feel downright impossible to see your way through the hullabaloo. The mixed messages, the seemingly compelling advice, the endless choice, the sea of ‘experts’, the convincing arguments, the toxic negativity…

But make a choice now to dismiss anything and everything that doesn’t light you up, then get back in your lane and steam on ahead.

Believe that knowing in the pit of your stomach urging you to see beyond your current state of affairs. When you’re too busy watching what everyone else is doing in their lanes, when you start wondering if that lane is the one to take, or perhaps that one over there (because it’s safer to just follow the beaten track… what would you know, after all?), take it as a sign that you’ve lost your way slightly. You have a belief somewhere that others know better. They know more than you. It’s not safe to trust yourself. It’s not safe to own the power you have within you.

Give that belief your full attention so you can work on releasing it. Write it out. Burn it. Tap it out if you’re a fan of EFT (I adore Brad Yates for all my tapping work). Dance it out as I did this morning in my Nia class. Focus on what you want instead. Focus on claiming that power within you (I use essential oils to help me let go of old stories that keep me stuck at times – Ginger is the Oil of Empowerment so I massage it over my Solar Plexus in the morning when I balance my chakras)*.

Once you’ve found your centre, find the courage to put those blinkers on. Tune it all out, and tune in to YOU. It’s a brave person who dances to their own beat while the crowd plays it much louder in the distance. They look to be having a jolly good time of it, so you might be tempted to get closer and start joining in but suddenly you feel lost. Lost and sour. And that’s OK. They point you back.

You know what to do. Head back to your lane, tune out and tune in.

I started it as a little girl, I practised it to some degree as a teenager and in my twenties, and I’m learning to master it now in my thirties. I’ve always been the odd one out – in playgrounds, in the classroom, at university, at work – so I became very familiar with my own lane, even if it wasn’t a joyful experience for me at the time. Now, I see it as a blessing. It’s easier for me to become aware of when I start to crane my neck into other lanes. It’s easier for me to adjust and use my intuition, rather than the outside world, to guide me.

All we ever need is our intuition. And the art of mastering it comes with practice. So just become aware to begin with, and when you catch yourself longing to change lanes and take up their pace, their approach to life, remind yourself that their lane won’t lead you anywhere. Be inspired, yes! Let it excite and stir something within you, yes!

But then, adjust those blinkers and walk. Cut out all that noise that’s only there to distract you.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. Just embrace YOUR path. It gets easier, I promise.

Rollic in your own lane my friend.

* If you’re interested in hearing more about how I use essential oils both physically and emotionally, head here to watch my latest video. Or you can email me, hello(at)vanessateklenburg(dot)com