If you’ve already read through my main Essential Oil page, and had a look through the different Enrollment Kits and Price List, and you know what you want, head to and click JOIN & SAVE, which will give you access to the same wholesale prices that I have, and then follow the steps below. (Clicking on Shop will take you to retail pricing which will cost you more.)

Do you live outside of Australia? Contact me through the form below and I can help with the kits available in your country. You can join me whether you live in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America or lots of other countries around the world.

So what does opening a wholesale account entail?

  • Wholesale pricing on everything you order.
  • That’s a saving of 25% off retail prices! It’s by far the smartest way to purchase essential oils.
  • There is NO monthly obligation or minimums with a wholesale account and NO lock-in. None whatsoever.
  • The chance to start with one of the special Enrollment Kits which have very impressive savings and bonuses built in.
  • You will receive lots of education and support from me. You will also have access to a private support group designed to inspire, educate and elevate you!
  • The opportunity to join the Loyalty Rewards Program so that you can take your 25% saving up to 55%. That’s 55% off retail!


1. Head to, click JOIN & SAVE and follow the prompts.

2. Select your county (yes, we ship all over the world).

3. Select Local (OTG) Order if you live in Australia.  Then select Wholesale Prices so you get the very best deal.

4. Fill out all your details. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should already be filled in for you if you’ve logged in correctly to my virtual office but if not, enter 2328608 in both boxes so you receive the right support from me.

5.  Select your initial order. Choose one of the Enrollment Kits. I personally think getting one of the kits is hands down the best way to start – it provides you with the best value by far because of the savings and added bonuses, plus it also waives the $35 enrollment fee. My favourite enrollment kit and certainly the most popular is the Home Essentials Kit because not only are you getting full-sized bottles (15ml), but you also get the Petal diffuser,  and you save $115 (that’s off the wholesale prices!). The Essential Collection is also a very good starter kit, but bear in mind the bottles are only 5ml in size. With the Home Essentials Kit, you’re getting three times the size (with the exception of Ice Blue which only comes in the small size).

6. If you want to customise your order, you invest in a $35 enrollment fee (and to do this make sure you select the Introduction Packet) and then go ahead and pick the oils and/or products you require by typing in their names.

7. If you’re looking at sharing the oils or starting a business, the Oil Sharing Kit will save you the most amount of money long term.

8. I can help you tailor your order and talk to you about my favourites and which oils I recommend for everyone. Contact me through the form below.

9.  Once you’ve placed your order, you’re given the option of setting up your Loyalty Rewards. Please note this is entirely optional but this will save you even more money. This is how you can get up to 55% off retail, where you can receive free product every month and earn free points to spend on more oils. This is how I purchase my oils because it allows me to use these oils in a variety of ways – to really prioritise our physical health and emotional wellbeing – in the most cost-effective way. I know this is how I want to support myself and my family long term, and so it makes sense to do it this way. I will be teaching you about the Loyalty Rewards but basically, it’s a rewards program much like a frequent flyer program. It’s a very generous program and I have lots of fun with it each month!

And that’s it! You’ve done it! You’ve opened your wholesale account and you’ve now begun your journey with essential oils and a more holistic and empowered path to wellbeing. You’ll receive a welcome email from me very soon and then I’ll be in touch with you to organise your first wellness consult, so I can show you how to use your oils and how they can support you with any concerns you’d like to address.

I’m so looking forward to having you join me on this beautiful path with a tribe of other like-minded, like-hearted people who all share the same desire in elevating their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Want to know more about sharing the oils or including them in your business? Want to find out about how you can create a more abundant future with dōTERRA? Just ask!

If you have any questions at all, if you’d like me to help you decide which oils would be best for you or if you’d simply like me to guide you through opening your wholesale account, please reach out using this form.

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