I’m so glad you’re here. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, incorporating essential oils into my daily life has not only allowed me to support myself and my family’s needs on a physical everyday level, but what has stunned me over the past year is the extent to which they have deepened my self-awareness even further, bringing to the surface all kinds of things that needed my attention for transformation and healing.

This is why I’m loving how they add to my work.

Let me start by saying that wellness isn’t just characterized by the absence of dis-ease. It’s about feeling good and enjoying our lives! How you feel – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – determines the state of your overall health and wellbeing. Our health is our greatest asset, since it affects how we think, feel, move, interact, prosper and what we achieve. When we don’t feel well, every other aspect of our life is impacted.

And this is what I mean by elevating our lives. We’re not just trying to aim for the absence of dis-ease, we’re aiming to go beyond that and thrive! Essential oils in this way are an incredible tool, because we can use them reactively as we need to address areas in our lives, but we’re also using them for deeper healing, for releasing unresolved issues, for increasing awareness so we can liberate ourselves and elevate our lives.

Modern medicine, while it certainly has its place, tends to fixate on diagnosis and treatment whereas approaching wellness and wellbeing holistically focuses on education, self-awareness and prevention. Instead of merely treating dis-ease (or an actual disease), we’re addressing what lies beneath it and its symptoms.

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits and choices are fuelling the fires of inflammation, pain, toxicity and illness in our bodies. So by addressing the root causes rather than merely treating the symptoms, we can assist the body in healing itself. Your body is capable of healing itself naturally. It wants to be well. Most of the time, it does not need synthetic medications to take over its job, but simply the right tools to enable it to do what it was engineered to do.

This is where essential oils come in. They support your body in restoring itself and in achieving balance. They work with your body rather than against it.

But essential oils don’t do our emotional work for us.

“Essential oils assist individuals in taking an honest look within. They foster the right environment for healing, but they will not do the work for us. In gardening, it is a common experience t pull the weeds while leaving the roots. This is particularly true for hard and rocky soils. To ensure we uproot the whole plant, we can add water to the soil, which allows the entire weed to be removed. Similarly, essential oils prepare our emotional soil so that weeds may be removed with greater ease. However, they do not do the weeding for us. If one neglects to do the work of pulling their weed, they have simply watered the problem. On the other hand, those who combine essential oils with emotional work reap the fruit of their labor.”

The above excerpt is from a book called Emotions and Essential Oils, which you can purchase here. This is the book that allowed me to see essential oils in a whole new light. I know this sounds a little over the top, but I remember the moment that I laid eyes on the book and started leafing through. I was literally lit up and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Essential oils play a powerful role in emotional healing. But how?

Essential oils support healing in five stages. They strengthen us during each stage and prepare us for the next level of healing. For example, as we regain our physical health, we are invited to enter the emotional realm.

The five stages are:

  1. Essential oils assist in supporting the physical body
  2. Essential oils assist in healing the heart
  3. Essential oils assist in releasing limiting beliefs
  4. Essential oils increase spiritual awareness and connection
  5. Essential oils inspire the fulfillment of our life’s purpose

You’re likely already familiar with how essential oils are powerful physical healers. Either you’ve experienced it yourself, or you’ve been reading about it. Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating, immune-strengthening parts of the plant. These properties work the same way in us as they do in the plant.

Essential oils assist the body in fighting unfriendly micro-organisms; purifying organs, glands and body systems; balancing body functions and raising the body’s vibration.

So what about that Stage Two? 

Well, as we use the essential oils to support us physically – and that’s where we all start to begin with – they then open the way for deeper emotional work.

As the essential oils secure our physical health, they provide us with the energy needed to penetrate the heart and enter the emotional realm. Essential oils raise the vibration of the physical body (Stewart, 2003). As the body lives in higher vibrations, lower energies (such as suppressed emotions) become unbearable. These feelings want to release. Stagnant anger, sadness, grief, judgment and low self-worth cannot exist in the environment of balance and peace which essential oils help to create.

Emotional healing occurs as old feelings surface and release (Moreton, 1992). Sometimes this experience is confused with regression. People may perceive they are going backwards or that the essential oils are not working. We are so used to symptomatic healing that we have been conditioned to view healing as the immediate cessation of all physical and emotional pain. In reality, the oils are working. They are working to permanently heal emotional issues by supporting individuals through their healing.

Release and Receive

It is important to understand that healing is a process. The process can be separated into two main principles: release and receive.

We must release trapped negative emotions before we can receive positive feelings. The old must go to make space for the new. We often want to skip this step, but it is a necessary one. We must be willing to experience the cleansing if we truly desire healing. Resisting the cleansing process makes healing more painful. We must surrender to the experience so that we may continue on the path of healing. The more we let go and trust, the more enjoyable this healing process can be.

My tools for emotional work

Meditation, journalling, spending lots of quiet time by the ocean, tapping (or EFT), solitude, yoga, conscious dance, making lots of time for ritual, painting, observing the natural lunar cycles, and of course using my essential oils all support me on my path.