Deluxe Abalone Set with White Sage and Sweet Grass

Release the old | Clear and make space for the new | Bless your new chapter

 Are you longing to shake off stuffy, old, heavy and stagnant energy? Craving a cleansed, welcoming space to invite in the new? Yearning to bless this new chapter of your life while grounding yourself and reconnecting with your true self?

I invite you to indulge your senses, awaken your intuition and reconnect with that space of peace, stillness and wisdom within as you explore  the power of ritual and intentional living through my Deluxe Abalone Set.

What is it?

Whether it be cleansing and clearing a new home, welcoming a new baby, grounding yourself for a change in direction or simply exploring the end of an emotional chapter, the Deluxe Abalone Set is all about addressing, cleansing and clearing the old while also opening our arms and hearts to the new.

It’s about saying ‘this doesn’t serve me’ and ‘so now I choose this instead’. But it’s not just clearing our need for struggle, for example, it’s about welcoming abundance and flow in the same breath. It’s about shifting our perspective and bringing ease in around struggle. Because while this set won’t banish the chaos and turmoil, it will guide you in tuning into and aligning with your higher self so you can invite peace into your life.

Based on the ancient Native American tradition of calling on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energy and restore balance, this Abalone Set is an incredible tool for helping you lift away heavy, stagnant, old energy and open to welcome and receive in positive, fresh energy. This set beautifully balances the four elements (air, water, fire and earth) and because it allows you to tap into and anchor into ancient wisdom, it offers a truly comforting, reassuring, yet deeply sensual sacred ritual experience.

Why invest in ritual and the Deluxe Abalone Set?

For us to become our true magnificent selves, we need to say goodbye to clutter, to those old beliefs and stories that keep us small and hidden away, to those patterns that sabotage our relationships and our greatness. Once we create that space, there’s room for us to say so many hellos, beckoning new, light-infused perspectives, more love, more creativity and more fulfilment, more ease, more peace and more joy.

The reason this is so powerful is because we are more than just physical bodies. In fact, we are really beings of energy and vibration. And so cleansing when done with intention can be so effective in clearing out emotional clutter and stress that may have built up over the years and even over generations.

The Deluxe Abalone Set can also guide you in:

  • Discovering more peace, quiet and serenity
  • Exploring and unearthing your emotions
  • Grounding, allowing you to tune out and tune in
  • Blessing a new chapter of your life
  • Releasing what isn’t yours and embracing more of what is
  • Weaving more beauty, sensuality and presence into your life (through the exquisite heady scent of white sage and the spiced vanilla-like notes of sweet grass; the feel of the abalone shell in your hands)
  • Experiencing deep relaxation (these sacred plants actually emit negative ions as they burn, much like what you get at the ocean or in a rainforest)

Now here’s some context to ground it for you. Abalone shells have a long history of being used as smudging vessels, or blessing bowls, especially among certain Native American tribes. White sage is burnt to release negative thoughts and anything that feels stuck or stale.

Clearing out is only half the story, though, and the Native Americans knew this. They have been using sweet grass for centuries in ceremonies to re-energise a space after cleansing and to attract higher, more positive vibes.

How do I use the Deluxe Abalone Set?

With intention! The magical nature of this set means that you can use it in whatever way you choose. Here are some ways I harness the potency of this sacred tool:

  • During meditation (sitting with smouldering white sage in the shell as I meditate)
  • By walking lit white sage – and then sweet grass – throughout my home to cleanse and re-energise
  • Wafting the smoke around myself and my children to bring us back into a centred state of balance, visualising the smoke purifying our bodies from within
  • By including it in full and new moon rituals, as well as ceremonies for seasonal turning points such as solstices and equinoxes
  • Marking the end of a chapter (such as a relationship, moving house) with the energy of gratitude
  • Blessing, celebrating and being present to the new unfolding (birth of a baby, personal turning point, new home)


The Deluxe Abalone Set includes:

An exceptional abalone shell ::: Wild-harvested from South Australia, these A-grade green-lip abalone shells shine with a brilliant mother-of-pearl. Your shell serves as the water element – a very fitting vessel for cleansing – and balances the other elements of fire (from lighting the sage and sweet grass), air (smoke from smudging) and earth (the plants). It can also be used to hold your special keepsakes such as crystals and jewellery. As you would expect, each shell is different and unique in its own way.

A bag of white sage ::: Your loose white sage leaves are wild-harvested from Southern California.

A braid of organic sweet grass ::: The sweet grass is lovingly and organically grown by a wife, husband and daughter team in their Michigan garden. Their plants are hand-harvested, dried and braided entirely outside as they enjoy the pleasant Michigan summers. Measuring 10-12cm.

A ritual guide ::: I also include my writing on the why, how and what. A little how-to, but there is no right or wrong way to do this – I don’t adhere to any rules… surprise, surprise. Just a little intention and intuition.

Ready to discover your joyfully ritualistic life?




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“I adore my Deluxe Abalone Set and feel its unique presence in my house whether I’m using it or not! Divine inspiration runs through everything you do – I’m so grateful I have one of your sets!” Elisa Hudson, Spiritual Coach

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.44.43 pm“I was drawn to Vanessa’s Abalone Set because of the beauty and deep history behind the collection. Her sets are a wonderful reflection of what inspires me the most – the ocean and saltwater. The set has helped me establish a ritual of cleansing and uplifting my home as well as my family. They’ve also made the most beautiful gifts for my dearest friends – I love how personalised and informative each set is. You truly are a gem, Vanessa.”
Jac Powell, Photographer

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.26.18 pmMy girlfriend introduced me to this stunning Abalone Set and I absolutely adored it and felt it was something really special from the moment I saw it. The styling, simplicity, beauty and quality of this product is perfect and I have used mine as a decorative piece in my home and to breathe fresh energy into my space. I love it so much I have given them as gifts to all my friends.” Leanna McNeil, Intuitive Somatic Therapist

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.47.01 pm“I absolutely love my Abalone Set. I love the way it was packaged with all the little details including the beautiful hand-written note. The shell is just stunning and the white sage smells divine. I have used it several times now before doing my healing treatments and I find it so powerful to clear the space and open it up for new energy. Thank you so much Vanessa for such a beautiful addition to my treatments.” NGaire Howard

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.49.04 pm“The love and care put into my Abalone Set has blown me away! This was such a beautiful gift to receive! It has inspired me to fully embrace the ritual of release and energy clearing for my home, clinic space, crystals and self. They have become the perfect companions for full and new moon rituals. Thank you Vanessa for offering such a conscious and thoughtful creation.” Danni BelvedereKinesiology Practitioner

rebecca“Beautifully presented! There has been a sublime shift in the energy in and around me. Highly recommended.” Rebecca Ferreira, Yoga Teacher
“I truly love my Deluxe Abalone Set.  I’ve just moved into a new house, and have done a ritual cleansing a few times already. It is such a beautiful way to clear the old energy and welcome the new.  I also use the set when I need to clear other energies too – if I’ve been around someone and absorbed their stress or problems, I find it a really helpful way to get my balance back. When it’s not being used, it sits on my window sill, catching the sun – it’s so gorgeous to look at!” Natalie Mitchell
” Thank you Vanessa for bringing such a beautiful ritual into my daily life. So simple, yet so complete. For those moments of pure intention, that are so transformative and empowering, I rejoice and give thanks.” Peita Mazaroli
“Finally got to use your gorgeous kit yesterday. House smells and feels fantastic!” Briony Masters, Photographer