I am a Freedom Crusader devoted to guiding other women to dance joyfully with Life and open themselves up to fiercely and gracefully letting go, receiving and aligning with the energy of surrender, with the intention of uncovering their true, magnificent self.

Mama to two beautiful, wonderfully spirited boys, and wife to an exceptionally awesome man. Through a series of fortunate events (which were, naturally, fraught with nebulous change), I have crafted a business that allows me to answer the calling of my soul while indulging in the joys of entrepreneurship. It’s a fierce, love-fuelled adventure (my business isn’t scared to bring me to my knees to drive a message home) and one that I wouldn’t change for the world.

Because it was through this transformative journey that I awakened my intuition and opened up to the magic of Life.

My story in brief

I was living and working in the UK as a freelance food and travel writer, then after our first child was born (who as my greatest teacher came to rock my world!), I went through a period of depression and we later moved to Australia.

We moved around several times, then settled into the frightening but awe-provoking uncertainty of a new reality as we moved to coastal NSW. I started blogging about food, simple clean living, parenting, and ocean life. It was called Finding that Place Called Home, because I longed to find a place called home. I thought at the time that I was searching for a physical place, one where my family and I could feel settled.

One of the amazing people that came into my life at that time was intrigued by the name of my blog and said to me, ‘you know, home isn’t something you go looking for on the outside. It’s in here’. I remember my head completely disagreeing with her – there was a lot of resistance to what she’d said, and yet I never forgot her words. Even then some tiny speck inside knew there was truth to her words.

The name of my blog changed. I began to find the courage within me to dive into my truth. I sensed that I needed to show up differently in the world and felt that my food writing days were well and truly over. I made the difficult but sorely needed decision to listen to my intuition and resign from the career trajectory I had been on. As I started to connect more to my inner landscape, I realised how much I enjoyed writing on more spiritual topics like our intuition, how the Universe is always trying to show us the way, being brave with our lives, creating space, and true freedom that comes from deep within.

I stopped writing a year later – I needed to create space for the new to emerge. I had developed my capacity to tune into the signs. I paid attention to what felt right and kept setting intentions to stay in that space even though it was always taking me out of my comfort zone.

My true self began to emerge. And I began writing as me, as Vanessa Teklenburg, in the space you see now. It was my voice hoping to inspire others to break free and live free. To explore and make connection with that intuitive wise part inside. Less of the ego-fuelled force, more of that sacred trust in life.

One Tuesday morning a year and a half ago, I heard this word whispered to me. Remember. And from that word flowed a post I wrote about Remembering. It’s the cornerstone of my work.

Around the same time, I discovered a sacred ritual that so many Native Americans have practiced for thousands of years. There was something about the image of white sage smouldering in an abalone shell that resonated deeply with me. The power of intention and the ancient wisdom of honouring natural cycles lit me up from my core and sparked the direction my business currently takes: inspiring women to evoke the power of ritualistic living to uncover their true, magnificent selves.

What I do

I guide women in shedding those veils that hold them back – unloading what isn’t theirs so they can reach that sparkly part of themselves that holds their truth.

It’s about peeling everything back to its truest essence and living as much as possible from that place so that you can discover your own radiance, your own inherent power and begin to fulfil your life’s callings.

It is my deepest desire to call people to what truly matters. I want to show the world that much of what we do, much of what we’ve built, much of the expectations and interactions we have, are based on how much we’ve forgotten who we truly are.

My work is to inspire that remembering, to reconnect us to that intuitive infinitely wise voice. Part of this remembering is in finding our way back to ritual, ancient wisdom and the natural cycles, both ours and those of this planet.

This is the calling of my heart and how I intend to serve. With divine rituals, guided meditations, gatherings and very soon a series of workshops, I hope to nurture a space that brings together the shifting of perspectives and hearts in a way that invites openness and allowing, and invokes that infinite wisdom we all have.

What lights me up

  • Empowering women to reconnect with their truth
  • Feeling free to be exactly who I am and being able to dare, explore, learn, express, create – with beauty, with richness, with presence
  • Showing my boys how how to forge their own paths
  • Quiet
  • Being present to all that is, the connection to myself and my loved ones and to that larger force that guides me
  • Openness to Life
  • Releasing the old, and knowing that there is so much good waiting come in
  • Trusting that the Universe brings what we need

The type of people I attract with my work are:

  • Longing to dive deeper into their self-discovery
  • Desperate to let go and allow something else, greater than what they know, to lead them and show the way
  • Not interested in ‘fixing’ problems. Instead, they want to explore and shift their perspective
  • Seeking to practise a more meaningful, truth-filled life
  • Not afraid to be vulnerable, and ask the deep, important, sometimes uncomfortable questions
  • Ready to imbue their lives with more ease, more softness, more flow and more surrender
  • Craving more for themselves and the world
  • Tired of the old ways and find no fulfilment in conventional ways of doing things
  • Sensitive, intuitive, possibly even introverted but undoubtedly yearning to sync with the natural rhythms of their bodies and this beautiful planet

Does this sound like you? Head on over to my Rituals page to explore my current offerings.

And let’s start the conversation here