scepticalmindThe other day, I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the window and saw a young man with one of those black leathery portfolio cases.

My heart sank a little. Oh no, what’s he trying to sell was a thought that passed through my conditioned mind.

I opened the door with a sceptical look on my face I’m sure.

He started talking about energy this and electricity that. The boys were running around. Would I like to grab my bill and he’d show me how much cheaper his rates were compared to who I was with?

Could I be bothered, was what I thought. Except something about this young man kept me from saying ‘no thank you’. There was something, there was an opening somewhere within me that allowed him to keep talking.

I grabbed the bill, and yes, his rates were so much cheaper. OK, but still, did I want to do the switch over a few bucks?

Then he mentioned something about his company that made me listen. Something that was more aligned with my values, that gave me the reason to walk away from who we were with.

Suddenly I opened up and conversation started to really flow between us. As he was sorting out the paperwork, we talked about our lives. He was also from the UK and just finished uni, and feeling a bit lost he decided to spend some time in Australia (which funnily enough was my exact story 16 years ago).

He asked me what I did. I told him about the work that I do. He showed interest in essential oils, so I asked him if he’d like to try something.

He wondered if I had an oil for his sore lower back. I gave him a sample and he was overjoyed. He rubbed it in right there on my doorstep, loved it and took it away with him.

Once he’d gone, I closed the door and reflected on what had just happened.

My sceptical mind almost turned this lovely young man away. He had something that I actually wanted, and I ended up sharing with him something he needed at the time.

I ended up feeling really grateful that our house number was on his list that day.

Yes there are times when we are offered things we don’t want or need but how will we know either way unless we first open to the possibility?

What are we missing out on when we view the world through the lens of scepticism?

A sceptical mind is a closed heart and you might think you’re doing a good job protecting yourself, but a closed heart has no filter.

Those good people and those good things that can potentially serve you and lift you up have no way of getting in either. 

I saw myself in that young man for lots of reasons, not the least of which because I have something to share that would benefit so many people I know.

And yet there is so much scepticism in the world. There are too many closed hearts.

This week alone I have been told on two separate occasions: I would love to do what you do but I’m not a salesperson. I would hate for people to think I’m trying to sell them something.

Guess what? We’re all selling something because we’re all offering something. For some reason, we’ve just assigned that word to a certain category of people and made it mean something negative in our minds.

A plumber sells plumbing solutions.
A massage therapist sells massages.
An artist sells paintings.
A baker sells bread.
A coach might sell online programs.
My husband sells his designs amongst many wonderful things.

Why have we made selling a bad thing? We’re just sharing. It’s just giving and receiving. There’s an exchange that happens but more than that it’s about human connection and being of service.

It’s so simple.

Why do we humans complicate things?

(We humans do the same with almost everything by the way. A handful of people abuse money in the world and so then we make money the bad guy.)

Just because integrity is missing for some people when they offer their products and services doesn’t make ‘selling’ a bad thing. Just because some aren’t sincere doesn’t mean we should meet everyone in that field with scepticism.

There might be some unsavoury people selling stuff in the world (whether they’re plumbers, bakers or husbands), but do you know what?

There are a hundred times that many sharing and selling their wares and services from their gorgeous big hearts (and I bet you could reel off at least 50 right now who have served you in some way, whether it’s a local market stall, your kinesiologist or an author).

What if the next time someone was to knock at your door (figuratively and literally speaking), you decided to open it with an open heart?

And an open heart doesn’t mean you let everyone and everything into your life and have a merry old time at your expense. An open heart needs to have firm but beautiful boundaries. There is a difference between discerning what’s right for you and allowing a sceptical conditioned mind to get in your way.

And there is so much that we do to get in our way.

What life is waiting for you on the other side?


Right now, I have my arms ready and waiting for people who are eager to run their own businesses but have no idea where to start. If you like the idea of empowering yourself and others with natural solutions, of elevating your own life through more energy, more clarity, stronger immunity and a healthier bank balance to boot, of receiving coaching and mentoring from me, of growing yourself in ways you can’t begin to imagine, then send me an email and let’s have a chat. (And it doesn’t matter what your conditioned mind has to say – mine had a lot to say and I just changed my mind. You can too.)